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Arc Flash Safety White Paper


Protect life and productivity through arc flash prevention

Arc flash is the explosive release of energy triggered by a phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground short circuit. When an arc flash event occurs, air becomes a conductor and carries electric current with potentially lethal results for workers and equipment. This free white paper looks at the dangers and causes of arc flash and what can be done to prevent it in work environments.

Knowledge is power and workplace safety is a planned solution, not a lucky accident. Keep your plant or facility and employees safe via this Rittal complementary white paper.

  •  Learn about the sizes, standards and materials of Rittal enclosures for industries from Oil & Gas to Food & Beverage
  •  Discover the wide range of benefits inherent in modular enclosure systems
  •  Get current info on the selection of operating equipment such as cables, bars, fuses, motors and more for use in Rittal enclosures

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