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From enclosures for industrial and IT applications in a vast array of sizes and design styles to power distribution solutions, climate control fans and systems, value-added engineering services, and enclosure system accessories – you’ll come to understand first-hand why Rittal produces more than 16,000 enclosures a day when you download our latest catalog, the complimentary Catalog 34 North American Edition.

With 648 pages of exhaustive specs, images, performance notes and illustrations, technicians and engineers and designers will find everything they need to build robust, energy-efficient industrial and IT systems.

  • View all our Enclosures from smallest to largest – featuring the best-selling TS 8 freestanding enclosure with more than 10 million units installed in the field as well as our specially priced Wallmount enclosures
  • See Power Distribution solutions for low-voltage and high-current applications, such as our RiLine and Ri4Power systems and kits for optimal design
  • Air cooling, liquid cooling and enclosure heater options are just some of the choices available in our Climate Control section for IT and industrial needs – Therm software and our Therm App even help you calculate your facility requirements
  • Discover how Rittal opens up new horizons in the world of IT with the RiMatrix standardized data center module and more

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