Crucial Considerations to Choose the Right Industrial Enclosures for Your Application

What equipment will the enclosure protect? What is the environment like? Which material is best?

You have many considerations when selecting the right enclosures for your application or facility.

And of course there are cable management concerns and internal design requirements, as well.

The ideal enclosure for your industrial application does exist, and making the right selection will help you overcome mounting challenges, increase your flexibility when it comes to wiring, prevent unnecessary downtime, and even decrease your energy consumption and utility costs.

In this webinar, Rittal Training Supervisor Steve Sullivan will address crucial considerations when specifying an enclosure for your equipment. During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the most important questions to consider when designing your enclosure solution
  • Explore strategies for achieving lower total cost of ownership in your enclosure design
  • Learn how today’s modular enclosures differ from older welded, unibody “non-modular” enclosures
  • Get guidance on optimizing your enclosure for your application