Sign Up for a Climate Control Efficiency Analysis


Do you know the state of your cooling units? How old they are, how clean they are, and how much energy they’re using? 

Work with the Rittal Service Team on a climate control efficiency analysis, and we’ll help you catalog your existing units, assess their performance, and make a plan for improving efficiency and reducing energy usage over time.

Why sign up for a Rittal Climate Control Efficiency Analysis? 

    • Downtime is not an option. With the cost of downtime at tens of thousands of dollars per minute in some industries, you can’t afford downtime due to faulty cooling units. We’ll help you understand the condition of the units you have so you can tackle the biggest issues first, before downtime becomes an issue. 
    • Unit consolidation. We can help consolidate your overall number of cooling units. Fewer cooling units and fewer parts leads to less maintenance time and lower costs.
    • Lower cooling costs. Our aim is to help you lower your energy usage, which will not only help your organization meet its sustainability goals but will provide huge cost savings in the long run. 

Complete climate inventory. Our analysis includes not only Rittal cooling units but all competitor units, giving you a complete view of your climate control solutions for easy ongoing management and maintenance.

Three Steps to Increase Efficiency

  Step 1  

Tell us where your facilities are and how many air conditioners you have.

This will help us tailor the conversation to your needs.

  Step 2  

Meet with a Rittal Specialist for your thirty-minute consultation.

Choose a time that is convenient for you. We’ll send you an email with information to bring to the discussion, including:

    • Your unit model numbers
    • The condition they are in
    • Any recent instances of downtime due to cooling unit failure
    • Photos, if you are able to provide them

  Step 3  

Allow our team to evaluate your cooling units.

We’ll research your current units and analyze the overall efficiency of your climate control systems based on:

    • Age
    • Technical specifications
    • Functionality 
    • Energy consumption

We’ll provide you with a detailed report that includes our assessment of which units may need to be repaired or replaced, when they’ll likely need to be replaced, and which energy-efficient units to replace them with in order to maximize your energy usage reduction and total cost savings. 

Our report may also include additional opportunities for cost savings, including through state and federal energy-efficiency rebate programs for which you may be eligible.