What Consumers Think About Food & Beverage Processing Plant Hygiene

For the fourth consecutive year, we've gathered and analyzed data on consumer attitudes toward food and beverage manufacturing plants, with a specific emphasis on food safety, plant hygiene, and consumer trust. This year's data has unearthed some interesting shifts that food and beverage manufacturers should know about. 

Today, the food and beverage industry faces new and unique challenges, but, at the same time, there are also new and exciting opportunities for manufacturers to leverage innovative technologies and processes to meet consumer demand and address consumer sentiment.   

In this report, you’ll also learn about: 

  • How current consumer confidence in food plant safety and hygiene compares to previous years
  • Specific concerns of U.S. food consumers and strategies to help address them
  • Our research methodology and information about Rittal North America

Download What Consumers Think About Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facilities to better understand how consumer attitudes about food and beverage production have shifted since the start of the pandemic.