Energy Eff

Cost-effective climate control for enclosures can be yours for the price of this white paper – FREE!

The modern business environment has transformed energy efficiency from a luxury sought after by so-called “green businesses” into a necessity for all operations that need to find ways to increase energy and cost savings without hurting productivity. This white paper discusses tips for cooling enclosures that can reduce energy consumption and save money.

  • Learn how to use the design phase to determine how much cooling is actually needed in your plant’s enclosures
  • Discover common mistakes in the interior and exterior installation of components that hamper effective climate control
  • Gain understanding on the different roles of filter fans, air conditioners and air-to-water heat exchangers for climate control
  • Catch-up on energy efficiency and the cooling coefficient
Creating effective and energy-efficient climate control solutions for industrial applications consists of 3 key phases—design, installation and operation. Rittal’s free white paper will empower you to make educated decisions as you move forward in this all-important area of facility operations.