A Specification Guide for Designing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The transition to electric vehicles — on the global stage but especially in the United States — has gained significant momentum over the last five years. And with the influx of EVs on America’s roadways, the race is on to build the charging infrastructure required to power these vehicles.

To help engineers accelerate their EV charging station design processes, Rittal has produced this spec guide. The guide examines how and why to specify standard enclosures and parts to create a truly custom electric vehicle charging station that can be efficiently and reliably produced.

EV Charging Station Spec GuideDownload to learn: 

  • The current state of EV charging station design in the U.S.
  • Why specifying standard parts can speed up the design and production process
  • The right solutions to spec for simplified charging station design

Download this Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Spec Guide to streamline your design process and help speed up the transition to EVs.