Download: Rittal Food & Beverage Solution Suite


Simplified. Sanitary. Done.

Rittal’s new Food & Beverage Solutions Suite provides a comprehensive look at our products for food and beverage manufacturers, including our innovative  line of hygienic design industrial enclosures and climate control solutions, as well as IT infrastructure products designed for F&B plants

This solutions suite PDF includes insights on industry challenges, a breakdown of solutions by hygienic zone, and detailed descriptions of our food and beverage products, including: 

  • Hygienic design wallmount and free-standing enclosures
  • AX/KX small and compact enclosures
  • TS 8 modular enclosures
  • Blue e+ Cooling Units
  • Air-to-Air and Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers
  • TS IT Pro server racks
  • Rittal Liquid Cooling Package

Rittal is improving food plant production through: 


Streamlined design and modification via EPLAN



NEMA and IP-rated enclosures for strength and durability


Energy-efficient climate systems to reduce energy usage and costs

Tomorrow’s outcomes depend on today’s decisions. In the highly regulated food and beverage industry, where sanitary production is a top priority, food and beverage producers must consider a variety of opportunities and challenges in order to compete in the marketplace.

Rittal’s hygienic design enclosures and climate control solutions are engineered to work hand-in-hand with aggressive sanitation protocols to help ensure production equipment is clean at the microbiological level. Our suite of hygienic design solutions is US produced for global use with universal acclaim.