Data Center Containers

Based on modular principles, Rittal’s line of data center containers offers a scalable solution for outdoor environments where space is limited yet the need for powerful data and network capabilities is paramount. The mobility of our containerized solutions provides added flexibility to help you work wherever data is being created and data-driven solutions are being deployed.

Fully customizable for SME, cloud and edge applications, or as pre-configured data centers, our data center container solutions are delivered fully-assembled and integrated with power, cooling, network/server, and support equipment to go online with little to no lead time.

Our spectrum of data center containers ranges from pure IT containers to complete all-in-one systems containing the entire IT infrastructure or framework.

All-in-One Containers

Our all-in-one data center containers are ready-to-connect in a robust, durable container shell with standardized IT modules, climate control and cooling systems, and a range of output categories for SME, cloud, and edge applications.

Data-Only Containers

Our data-only containers house pure IT infrastructures delivered with ready-to-deploy SME, cloud, and edge applications.

Edge Solutions

Complete rack-level edge computing solutions.

Small to Medium Data Centers

Combining the elements of traditional data centers into a compact size.

Security Room

Based on modular design principles that allow for maximum flexibility and customization.


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