Edge Solutions

Edge computing is rapidly increasing the efficiency and ways in which companies leverage their IT frameworks. In today’s data-driven world, the sheer amount of data that needs to be processed, sorted, and stored as close to the source as possible has become an increasingly mission-critical problem for companies. 

By bringing networks closer to the points where actual data is located, companies across the globe are deploying IoT products/solutions to integrate sensors, optimize IT systems, analyze data, and make decisions in real-time to reduce latency, energy consumption, and operational costs.

Common uses of edge computing can put sensitive IT equipment in harsh operating conditions that require durable, reliable, and turnkey solutions to protect critical data,  reduce the possibility of disruption or breakdown and simplify installation. Rittal’s modular rack level designs provide the protection,dependability and ease of installation for use in non-traditional IT environments.

Standalone Edge Solutions for Harsh Environments

Rittal’s line of standalone solutions are the truest form of edge computing.

Our full-spectrum of edge standalone solutions protect edge computing systems from foreign contaminants and harsh environmental conditions. These solutions are designed where space is a primary challenge, physical environment for the IT is a concern and where latency considerations cannot be understated:

In addition, physically secure installations help protect critical IT equipment against dust, water, fire, intrusions, or other ingress. Rittal’s standalone edge solutions are also equipped with:
  • Pre-engineered configurations — unpack, install, and deploy
  • Industrial strength for lasting protection
  • Remote monitoring and control-enabled to sustain locations with limited IT support infrastructure
  • Internal hinging and digital security monitoring
  • IP 55 rating keeps equipment safe from dust and water droplets
  • Remote monitoring of climate control.


Uncontrolled or Semi-Controlled Environments

Rittal’s edge data center solutions offer both uncontrolled or semi-controlled environments to meet a variety of IT infrastructure needs from 1 or 2 IT rack frameworks to fully-optimized data centers with power distribution, cooling, network/server enclosures, and service and support systems.


Our ToptecTM enclosure protects sensitive IT and mechanical and electrical gear from precipitation and environmental contaminants, and allows you to install your edge data center outdoors without putting your assets at risk.  The modular and expandable feature allows you to build as you grow and minimize your day one investment to what is minimally needed for your operations.

Traditional IT Environments

Our patented closed-loop cooling design promotes optimal efficiency and sound control. Additionally, chilled water and DX InRow cooling can scale from 5kW to 55kW in conjunction with our closed-loop system. 

This closed-loop framework captures both cold and hot air at the source via solid rear and front doors to create a built-in cold aisle, hot aisle configuration. Cooling fans direct the flow of air in a sideways manner for more efficient cooling patterns directly to the equipment, thus promoting greater performance, energy savings, and an overall reduction in cost.

Integrated Solutions

Rittal’s edge data centers are where modular design, maximum protection, and durability intersect to offer flexible, scalable solutions for IT infrastructures. Innovatively designed for deployment in environments ranging from factory floors, distribution centers, compact IT closets, and even outdoor locations. Our data centers can be customized based on computing needs and physical location. 

With installations capable in a variety of environments and applications, our NEMA and IP-rated edge data centers offer:

  • Rittals best-in-class accessories such as in-rack airflow management and AC units
  • Scalable solutions such as in-row cooling scales to match and accommodate future growth
  • Power equipment such as rack power distribution units (PDU) and rack-mounted uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).
  • Closed-loop cooling to handle large thermal loads and power density challenges without the need for aisle containment cooling systems
  • Remote monitoring of climate control equipment, environmental conditions, and enclosure access controls using Rittal IoT interface or CMC III processing units to provide alerts and network notifications in real-time to optimize efficiency.       

With an eye to virtually eliminating latency, our edge data centers solutions and support give companies comprehensive planning, flexible project management, and reliable commissioning to deploy your custom IT solution anywhere in the world at any time.

Discover the Right Edge Data Center for You


Small to Medium Data Centers

Combining the elements of traditional data centers into a compact size.

Data Center Container

Offering a scalable solution for outdoor environments where space is limited.

Security Room

Based on modular design principles that allow for maximum flexibility and customization.


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