Industry 4.0 Philosophy and Practices

The name “Industry 4.0” represents the fourth Industrial Revolution, marked by the continuing digitization of production—through the use of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things.

Rather than striving to optimize individual engineering, production, or logistics stages, Industry 4.0 demands reexamining and improving the way these stages inter-relate. Rittal is bringing Industry 4.0 technology to electronic enclosure and panel manufacturing by integrating the offerings of several sister companies to create a seamless value chain - making it possible to slash engineering/production costs by up to 50 percent. Download Rittal’s free white paper and get up to speed on the future of manufacturing, today.

  • Learn how Rittal’s sister companies EPLAN, Cideon and Kiesling collaborate with Rittal to make a lightning-fast value chain for the engineering and production of custom enclosures
  • Discover Rittal’s Industry 4.0 advantages – from customer-specified design modification precision to design performance predictions and better energy efficiency within enclosures
  • Realize that Rittal has the only seamless, interconnected value chain that also has the flexibility to incorporate competitors’ products